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April 2024

This program is always eagerly anticipated and well-attended!  The program provides an opportunity for the CAVC Bar Association membership to hear directly from VA leaders.  The informative program includes updates regarding VA during FY23 and insights into issues of significance for FY24 and beyond. 

The distinguished panel includes:

  • David Barrans, Chief Counsel, VA Office of General Counsel, Benefits Law Group

  • Susan Blauert, Chief Counsel, VA Office of General Counsel, Health Care Law Group

  • Michael Edsall, Assistant Director of Operations, Veterans Benefits Administration

  • Mary A. Flynn, Chief Counsel, VA Office of General Counsel, Court of Appeals Law Group

  • Richard J. Hipolit, Acting General Counsel, Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Veterans Law Judge John Z. Jones, Board of Veterans’ Appeals

Thanks also to James Drysdale for moderating this program.  

This program was produced by the CAVC Bar Association.  Copyright 2024.

Seventh Annual "VA Update" Program: Video
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